Friday, December 28, 2007

Another photographic hazard!

This post doesn't really match the purpose of this blog, but just had to share it anyway.
Christmas Eve day was spent skiing at Terry Peak in the Black Hills with my son and nephew. When the sun finally poked through the clouds I decided it was time to get the camera out and shoot some action shots. I parked myself by the "terrain park," where snowboarders and skiier test their skills sliding and jumping over various obstacles. If you've ever been around snowboarders or skateboarders, etc. you know that they have creative names for the various tricks they do. So when I heard a young snowboarder coming down the hill toward me and yelling "MOONRUNNER!" I didn't think much of it. I should have known better.

I have been shooting fulltime for the South Dakota Office of Tourism for 15 years. Not until this year did I run into this particular phenomenon, but this makes twice in 2007 that someone has bared their buttocks at my camera. So thanks to this snowboarder and the three friendly gentlemen at the Brown County Fair, I list "mooning" as a new hazard in South Dakota photography.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo!

Wanda said...

Hahahahahahahaha! I hope you got this guy's permission to post his booty on your site! Of course, if he's gonna bear it, he should be willing to share it!