Monday, December 10, 2007

Wet Rushmore photography

As I said in an earlier post, winter is the best time to shoot sunrise on the faces at Mount Rushmore. With the sun in the southern sky, the shadow from Lincoln's face on Roosevelt's is much less of a problem than in the summer. Snow on the heads adds an interesting element that not a lot of people see.
However, snow, ice and/or rain can pose a problem that a lot of people don't think about - streaks. If you are shooting Rushmore in the winter, not only is early morning going to be the best light, but it also prevents streaking. A fresh snowfall and a bright blue sky make a great picture. However, if you wait too long the sun will begin to melt the snow and the next thing you know you have this:

Rain at other times of the year provides the same problem. I've actually seen a rainy day photo of Rushmore used in a supermarket tabloid with the headline, "Stone heads crying real tears! Scientists are baffled!"

Hit things on the right day and with cold enough temperatures to keep the snow from melting and you've got the combination for some great shots.

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Anonymous said...

Great winter photos. I even like the "crying" look.