Thursday, April 17, 2008

More prairie chicken photography

I've already written about prairie chicken photography, but since I spent over two hours in a blind shooting them this morning and had good luck, I thought I'd share again.

At this same location last year I got nothing, this year approximately 30 birds surrounded the blind and twice landed on top of the blind.

Here's what the blinds look like that the U.S. Forest Service places at the prairie chicken leks on the Fort Pierre National Grasslands.

And here's some of the "booming" action from today, all shot with a 400mm lens.

It's not just the same without seeing and hearing the birds in action, so thanks to my co-worker Scott Howard, here's a short video. It is a very strange experience, especially in the dark before the sun comes up and you can hear them, but not see them.

For more information on reserving a blind, check my earlier post at


Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog and I love the pix of the chix

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks for reading Laurie, glad you are liking it.