Monday, May 12, 2008

R.I.P. Buster and Killer

These were my local tour guides for shooting the pasque flowers near Ree Heights in my last post - Buster Deuter and "Killer," who I called the "Poodle on the Prairie."

Killer got comfortable enough with me to ride in my lap back from the Ree Hills in Buster's Kawasaki Mule.

I just learned that over the weekend Killer was run over by a truck and died. I'm sorry, Buster. I know he was a good friend.

EDIT 7/28/08 - I unfortunately have to report that last week we lost Buster as well. I know he was well-loved in the Ree Heights community and it's a great loss. I'm very sorry to hear of his passing.


Anonymous said...

Great picture of Buster & Killer!
Who would of known that it would be the last picture together. Hope it is OK, I save the picture and your write up and put it in a frame for Buster.

Chad Coppess said...

That is just fine with me. I know Killer meant a lot to Buster, so anything to ease his sorrow.

Anonymous said...

My memory of Buster and Killer is at the Miller 4th of July Parade. Killer sat on Buster's lap quietly and patiently watching the festivities. Way too cute! My heart goes out to Buster. Hope his new puppy fills the loss!

Jan Deuter said...

Chad and all,
Thank you for the picture and special words about my father-in-law, Buster and the (Poodle on the Prairie) "Killer". God has his own plan for all of us and we must be patient to find His meaning in all our lives. Buster has been bless with a new puppy within four days of the untimely death of "Killer". Buster is blessed with "Patches" an awesome companion. The vet told Buster that "Patches" is blessed to have Buster as a companion. Jan Deuter

Chad Coppess said...

Hi Betty and Jan,
Thanks for letting me know that Buster has a new puppy. I was kind of hoping that would happen. I'm sure Patches will help ease the loss quite a bit.