Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fishing on Lake Oahe

For fisherman, the huge waters of Lake Oahe on the Missouri River prove irresistible. Good fishing and good photography can be found in early mornings at Whitlocks Bay west of Gettysburg.

Lake Oahe was created by the construction of Oahe Dam, just north of Pierre. The lake stretches far into North Dakota, providing many varied scenic backdrops for photos of boats and fishermen.

In springtime the rising sun quite often brings a morning fog with it. This can be used for very dramatic effects in photos.

The bridge above is one of the more picturesque bridges over the Missouri River in South Dakota. It is on Highway 212, with Gettysburg and Eagle Butte being the largest towns on either end of the bridge connection.

Working different angles on a subject like this can provide little "story-telling" sequences.

A polarizing filter also comes in handy in situations like this, making the sky bluer and the removing a lot of reflections on the water.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this fishing trip. The photos look great.