Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunrise on the plains

Here's a picture I took just east of Pierre last weekend.

My only great advice here is that to get shots like this you have to get up before the sun. Most outdoor photographers learn very quickly that the best pictures are taken from just before sunrise to about two hours after and reverse in the evening - two hours before to just after sunset. Middle-of-the-day light is much harder to get pleasing photos from.

On top of the warm color tones and interesting shadow patterns, these "golden hours" include extra benefits like wildlife being more active during these times of day.

And this is one of the rules of photography that basically holds true no matter where you are. In South Dakota there are places where the crack of dawn isn't going to give you the best shot because a hill or other obstacle is blocking the light from hitting where you want it. For the most part though, early and late to shoot is going to give you the best shots.

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