Thursday, August 28, 2008

More nostalgia stuff

If you're like me, any old-fashioned anything along the road makes me think about stopping and taking pictures. Here are two retro-tourism places I stumbled across lately.

Scotty's Hamburgers in Aberdeen, South Dakota looks almost right out of "American Grafitti." I'm told the local custom car club likes to gather here, but I wasn't lucky enough to catch the right night for that. The wonderful "flying saucer" sign is located at the far north end of Main Street.

Although no longer operating, this historic filling station has a great feel to it. It's at the east end of Main Street in Belle Fourche, SD. And check out that 34 cents per gallon on the pump!


Unknown said...

Since they are so close, I am disappointed to not see shots of the Valley Corner gas station (my favorite) or the Sherwood Lodge in Spearfish posted here. Oh well, this a quality blog and I suppose can be forgiven.

Indian Motorcycle used both these locations recently (thanks SD Tourism) to use in catalogs, on their website and to decorate their stores. The photographer has done work for some highly-exclusive brands and I'm interested to see how he used the locations.

Also, are the drive-ins in Mitchell & Miller still operating? Are there any others in the state?

Tim said...

I love this nostalgia stuff. I think you need to head back to Scotty's sometime when the classic car club is stopped there...and leave that goofy sunset filter at home when you go back.

Chad Coppess said...

But I like my Cokin sunset filter every once in a while, Tim! :)

And Mike, yes you are right, the Valley Corner and Sherwood Lodge both would fit into this category very well. Next time I'm in Spearfish I'll try to get those. Thanks for the suggestions!

I'm anxious to see those Indian Motorcycle shots myself.

The drive-in in Mitchell is operating, but I'm not sure about Miller. I drove by there yesterday and there was nothing on their marquee. I thought it was a bit early in the season for them to have shut down. The drive-ins in Redfield and Gregory are still running I believe, but that may be it for South Dakota.