Monday, September 1, 2008

South Dakota State Fair, Huron

I realize every state has a state fair, plus numerous other county and regional fairs that are for the most part visually similar, but thought I'd give the South Dakota State Fair in Huron a plug.

With lots of farm animals, kids and carnival rides, you can't beat a fair for colorful subjects to shoot. Here are some examples -

A fair is also a great place to practice photography techniques from panning with slow shutter speeds or freezing fast moving subjects to shallow depth of field. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Grandstand entertainment at the South Dakota State Fair over the years has included everything from tractor pulls and monster trucks to concerts by big-name entertainers. Stock car racing is always a staple, though.

Waiting for twilight and then using a tripod and long exposures, can make the carnival midway turn into a magical place.

This year's state fair comes to an end today, but you can check it out for future years at

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