Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fort Sisseton Frontier Christmas

Here are some more images from one of my favorite places in the state to shoot, Fort Sisseton State Historic Park. Each December, the fort hosts a "Frontier Christmas" festival with sleigh or wagon rides, authentic 1880s-era crafts, singing and other entertainment, and costumed reenactors.

This year's Frontier Christmas featured not only snow and cold, but very foggy conditions. At times it was tough to see the other end of the parade grounds at the restored cavalry fort. The fog also settled and froze, giving a spectacular wintery coating to everything that wasn't moving. Which, of course, made for some interesting photos.

Dave Huebner of Bushnell, South Dakota portrays an authentic frontier Santa each year.

Dave is also an accomplished artist. His pottery can be viewed at Dakota Stoneware Pottery.

Inside the fort's barracks, an old-time tree lighting ceremony with real candles on the tree is fun to see. I skipped it this year however because I had a four-hour drive home and a whopper of a blizzard was moving in. My travels went fine, but the second day of Frontier Christmas fell victim to the storm.

Before things got rolling, I stopped by the post cemetery. This is not an actual burial ground any more, the internments were moved to the Custer National Cemetery in Montana many years ago.

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