Monday, December 1, 2008

The geese have arrived

South Dakota's state capitol grounds in Pierre includes the five-acre Capitol Lake, which becomes a winter haven for thousands of Canada geese each year. Even if snow hasn't arrived, it can't be far behind when the geese do.

The geese get very used to the auto and pedestrian traffic around the capitol and sometimes just really don't want to move for either. For photographers that means a chance for up-close action of the flocks.

Telephoto lenses and fast shutter speeds can capture some unique views of both wildlife and historic architecture.

I have to admit to falling into the trap many photographers find themselves in - not appreciating their closest surroundings. I have said for years that I should probably be the world's most well-known goose photographer, but I'm just not excited about shooting them. I forced myself to go out and shoot the picture above this morning and my goal for the winter is to build up a good portfolio of goose photos, so expect to see more. And if you're interested in shooting your own goose study, just plop yourself onto a bench next to Capitol Lake. I guarantee you won't be lacking for subjects. Just watch out for the goose doo-doo, which is everywhere!

1 comment:

Tim said...

That second one with the goose flying is really nice. But as long as it's so convenient to shoot, you might think about getting it a little earlier when the light is nicer.

And I couldn't agree more about getting out and shooting stuff in your own backyard. Why long for something you don't have to shoot when you've got good stuff of your own to shoot.

I look forward to seeing more geese.