Friday, January 16, 2009

More Capitol geese in Pierre

I promised to take more advantage of the geese and waterfowl around Pierre, so here we go.

With plentiful subject matter, it's just a matter of looking for interesting light or weather and lots of practice.

In a short walk around Capitol Lake I noticed at least five different species of ducks, but the wood ducks are still my favorites. Their plumage just has so many beautiful colors that I could shoot pictures of them for a long time before I got bored. It's especially nice when the water sparkles with some great reflections to add to nature's palette.

I don't often name my photos, but this one just seems like "Lord of the Lake."

A trip to Pierre in winter is a bird photographer's paradise. Along with all this waterfowl, eagles are often found along the Missouri River below Oahe Dam. I'm hoping to get some good shots of those fairly soon.


Tim said...

Nice stuff. I love the motion in that first one.

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks, I like trying different techniques on things that I shoot a lot of. I need to get out there and do some more geese while they are around.