Friday, February 13, 2009

Folk art and rural humor

Here are just a few examples of folk art and rural humor that you can find scattered across South Dakota. Images are by various photographers and pulled from the files of the South Dakota Office of Tourism.

Open Range near the Wyoming border west of Custer. (Photo by Chad Coppess)

A boot fence near Sisseton. (Photo by Chad Coppess)

Too bad the landowner won't allow hunting here. It seems he's got a rather large varmint problem. (Photo by Paul Horsted

Porter Sculpture Park at Exit 368 on Interstate 90 is a classic example of a home-built attraction with an abundance of unique art. (Photo by Stacey Stoddard)

Hmmm, does this mean "Don't shoot, there are men in the timber" or "Shooting men is okay, just not in the timber?" And what about women? (Photo by Jesse Nelson)

Well-known to travelers of Interstate 90, this fellow taking his pet for a walk apparently never got where they were going. The duo is located just east of the 1880 Town at Exit 170 near Belivedere. (Photo by Chad Coppess)

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