Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Imprint," South Dakota movie released

Let's take a quick break from the photography and check out some South Dakotans who have done well with a different kind of image making. Linn Productions from Rapid City have released their movie "Imprint" to a national audience.

"Imprint" was filmed completely in South Dakota. The Native American cast and the locations on the Pine Ridge Reservation provide a fresh look at Indians as people in today's world.

Filmmmakers Michael and Marc Linn told me that some are categorizing "Imprint" as a horror film, but it has none of the blood or violence that typifes that genre. It is much more of a spooky supernatural thriller. I've seen it twice and enjoyed it very much and I'm not a fan of horror films.

I spent some time discussing the movie with 89-year-old Lakota Chief David Bald Eagle who plays a medicine man in "Imprint." He said, "I've been in 37 movies. I've played in Indian movies and I've played in western movies. Imprint was the best as far as the Indian side of things. It got it right."

Imprint is available nationwide at Blockbuster and other fine video rental stores. Check out more information at


ForeignAwareness said...

Good movie. Happened upon it on netflix, happy to see American Indians films out there. I would like to see our people also get more senators and hopefully eventually a president.

Mark Tele said...

Very good movie. Original & suspenseful. Reminds me of a Tony Hillerman story. Ranks up there with Thunderheart.