Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring critters

Spring time and late afternoon sun seem to always produce fun pictures. Last night on the way back from Huron to Pierre I took advantage of the abundance of wildlife along the roads.

While stopped to focus on a bird on the fence along a gravel road near Ree Heights I heard a rustling right underneath the car window. As I looked down a large furry black and white tail rose out of the grass. For a second I wondered if quickly rolling the window up would do any good, but then the photographer instincts took over and I aimed my camera at the skunk as he jumped into the water-filled ditch and swam away.

He never turned back to look at me and I obviously wasn't shooting my best with the sudden scare, but at least I got the business end of a skunk.


Your co-worker's Dad said...

Boy you have to watch out for them Ree Heights stinkers.

Chad Coppess said...

Yep, you'd think the people around there would have taken care of those things by now.
I would have stopped in to say hi if I had seen anyone in the yard, but instead just buzzed on by.