Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reader interaction

I just saw an interesting idea elsewhere that I think could apply here very well. I'm looking for input from you readers about two things -

1. What suggestions do you have for other photographers in South Dakota? What are your favorite places to shoot, best times of the year, etc. (that you are willing to share)?

2. What places or topics would you like to see me blog about that I haven't yet? I do my best to cover a variety of ideas and parts of the state, but I'm sure there are things I haven't hit yet.

Reply to this post with your ideas at Dakotagraph. I will compile the best suggestions to share in a later post, and I'll do my best to give hints and tips on those places I haven't.

Thanks and keep the ideas flowing!


Steve said...

chad - here's a few:
1) life on the res. would be a different side of so dak that most people don't see. got to believe that there are some positive stories and images that could be told
2) business/high tech/universities / job opportunities - so dak has an exceptionally strong economy and wonderful education system. would be nice to see some highlights and stories (i know USD has been on a building streak lately; how about the finance industry in sioux falls, etc.)
3) high profile dakotans - day in the life type stuff of leading political, business, education, arts figures. i'm always amazed at the number of nationally recognized individuals who are from our state

good luck buddy!

Susan said...

Hi Chad,
Suggestions for others:
I love Old Hill City Road...the different seasons provide many opportunities. In the summertime, when the 1880 Train is running, there are many places to capture the train, the people on the train, and the scenery that people on the train see.
Fall brings an incredible display in this area, and lots of turkeys too!
Winter is another story of serenity and calm.

2. Without a doubt, I would like to see the Rosebud and the Pine Ridge through your lens. You may have done this in the past, but there are so many perspectives that these reservations can (and should) be viewed from. Since I live out of state, I don't have the opportunity to explore these areas; and I think there are many stories (both past and present) that can be told in pictures.

Thanks for asking!

Greg Dean said...

Two places, both in the fall:

1) The Cheyenne River as you drop into the valley on just east of Howes Corner on Highway 34. I have always thought this is one of the most impressive and beautiful places in the state.
2) The gulch just south of Wessington Spring as the leaves are turning. Lots of sumac make for red hues that are not typically seen in other parts of the state. Only lasts for about 3-4 days. Also a great view from the overlook on the north side of highway 34. You can see for 40 miles to the north, east and south.

Tim said...

I agree with Greg Dean's point 1, and here are a few more:

1. There is such a rich mining heritage in the Black Hills. Is there enough evidence of this left that you could find a way to shoot it?

2. The shape, texture and color of the landscape, especially West River, is so varied and interesting. I think you'd have fun renting an airplane and shooting aerials that show of the form of the landscape when the light is low and nice.

3. I thought your night time exposures were very cool. I'd like to see more of them.