Monday, August 3, 2009

Rock climbing at Sylvan Lake

Even if extreme sports aren't something you plan to participate in, they often provide some fun photos. On a recent trip to Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park I came across a friendly group of climbers testing their skills against the granite spires.

For those of us non-climbers, the trick is finding angles that aren't all looking up. Fortunately, a lot of the areas in the Needles and Sylvan Lake are accessible from one side by walking and from another only by technical climbing.

So even though this nine-year-old has already climbed a good 30 feet up from where he started, I was able to reach the same spot with little more than a short hike.

Then again, looking up from the very bottom really gives the sense of what these fearless athletes are competing against.

Whether you just want to shoot photos or tackle the rock yourself, more information about climbing in the Black Hills can be found at Sylvan Rocks, the expert climbing school in the area.

You can also ask at the Sylvan Lake store for suggestions on where you might find climbers nearby to shoot photos of.

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What you just want to shoot photos or tackle the rock yourself,

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