Monday, September 21, 2009

First leaves of fall

Autumn is upon us and although peak colors in most of South Dakota will likely happen within the next two weeks, I made an early fall visit to Palisades State Park yesterday. With plenty of green left in the leaves and grass, it was fun to contrast colors and textures.

I recently learned that Palisades is a hot-spot for lichen species, with a large number of different varieties growing on anything that doesn't move in the park. I know next to nothing about them, but I do like the unique feel they add to landscape photos.

Borrowing from friend Scott Howard's style, I let the wind blow these pine cones during a long exposure. Kind of like it.

Along with Palisades, good places for autumn colors in southeastern South Dakota include Newton Hills State Park south of Canton, Lewis and Clark Recreation Area west of Yankton, the Fort Randall dam on the Missouri River at Pickstown, and almost anywhere along the James River Valley.

Facebook readers don't forget that is where this stuff really happens. Check it out for more cool helpful information on how, when and where to take pictures in South Dakota.

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