Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A birdy year's end

I wondered yesterday how many eagles were wintering below Oahe Dam north of Pierre. The answer is quite a few as usual.

In one hour of slowly driving through the Oahe Downstream campground I made 41 eagle sitings. I say that because I'm sure some were the same birds I had seen earlier, but they had flown to a new perch in the trees along the river.

Not once did I step out of the vehicle and these photos were all shot with a 400mm lens, which is fairly easy to hand-hold while shooting out the window.

A golden eagle with ragged tail feathers -

And a bald that sat for a long time for me.

Even with this success, I was still looking for a good clear flying shot. Unfortunately, this is the best I could do yesterday.

So, feeling frustrated at not getting a great spread-wing shot, I went home and shot sparrows in my backyard. Pretty happy with this one -

Check out more info on shooting eagles here - Eagles.

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SNP234 said...

That sparrow shot is amazing!! Nice job!