Monday, February 15, 2010

Frosty scenery

Last week was a good one for winter scenics and closeups.

I found these snow-covered spruces on the Black Hills snowmobile trail system east of the Dumont Trailhead.

An especially foggy/frosty Friday morning in Pierre gave way to a beautiful sunny day, which meant there were some great pictures out there to be taken.

The honking of Canada geese is a sound very familiar to those who spend any time around Pierre and the Missouri River in the winter. So finding some geese to place within a frosty composition isn't difficult, it's just a matter of lining them up where you want them.

There is a row of flowering crab apple trees between the Pierre Greenhouse and the Missouri River causeway in downtown Pierre. Many shriveled, wrinkled apples are still hanging on the branches this winter and with a thick coating of frost against a blue sky they are beautiful.

Urban deer have obviously also found the crab apples as there were numerous tracks under the trees.

Friend/co-worker/Dakotagraph reader Amy Hertel has been asking me about shooting snowflakes, so when I saw these hanging off an evergreen bush, I just had to line them up with a deep shadowed background. In Photoshop I removed all color so that you can concentrate on the form of the icy crystals. Thanks for the inspiration Amy!


Your co-workers Dad said...

I heard that you were out shooting snowflake pictures, they turned out great. I even had to take some frosty morning pictures.

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks! That's what it's all about - sharing inspiration.