Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One hour in Badlands National Park

As long as we are posting about the Badlands, might as well show what it looks like in winter. I was on my way from the Black Hills to Pierre yesterday and had just about an hour to swing through Badlands National Park loop road before sunset. It turned out to be a productive hour.

Ran across several small herds of mule deer relaxing in the late afternoon sun. These were at Bigfoot Pass.

This guy was busily chewing bark off the trees at the Changing Scenes Overlook. I didn't get out of the car, just shot from the window and he barely looked up.

The White River Valley Overlook provided this view of Badlands scenery.

The clouds got really spectacular near the Fossil Exhibit Trail turnout. A polarizing filter made the sky darker and the clouds stand out against it.

As the sun reached the horizon, several spots at Cedar Pass and the Doors and Windows Overlook created great silhouettes.

From there it was on to Interstate 90 in the dark, but with a very satisfying hour behind me.


Susan said...

Hi Chad - love the cloud pic!
It's a good thing you didn't get out of the car to take the photo of your friend in the tree - he looks like he is ready to give you a piece of his mind - or... :)

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Susan. I don't think the porky was too concerned about me, but it's pretty hard to tell what they are thinking. Even though they move very slowly, I wouldn't want one mad at me. :)

Amy Hertel said...

FANTASTIC! I just love the porcupine picture! The others are great too, but I love the porcupine picture!