Monday, February 1, 2010

Windmills of a new type

Photographers for years have enjoyed shooting old-fashioned windmills against prairie skies and sunsets. Now with the booming wind energy business on the South Dakota plains, a modern version of the that tried-and-true photo formula is available.

Literally hundreds of wind generator towers are popping up, especially in the east central region of the state. They make great photos subjects in almost any weather like this stormy sunset near Ree Heights.

..or some sunny summer days south of Highmore....

...or a crisp frosty winter day east of Brookings.

There are many more angles to play with for these things. For one, the shadows they cast are very interesting. Highway 14 from Pierre to the Minnesota border will take you past many of them.


Susan said...

Excellent topic; I saw one of these "up close" when traveling through Nebraska last fall...the sheer size of them is amazing. Therefore, I really like your pic with the farmhouse in the middle :)

Chad Coppess said...

Yep, they are huge. If you get around one while it's on the ground before it's put up you really feel the size of them.