Friday, February 12, 2010

Raptor Alley, South Dakota

I'm thinking about seeking a designation for the western South Dakota stretch of Highway 34 from Fort Pierre to Sturgis as "Raptor Alley." In a post a couple weeks ago I wrote about a bald eagle I photographed near Union Center. This week it was a Great Horned owl near Howes, and he was only one of several raptors I saw in the three-hour drive - seven hawks, three golden eagles and one bald eagle. The day before we caught a glimpse of a golden eagle attacking a pheasant.

This guy was sitting in the ditch alongside the highway and my guess is he had been hit by a car as he didn't seem to be in any mood to move as we pulled up alongside and stopped. Sad to see that, but thrilling to see a creature like this up close.

Easy shooting with a 400mm out the car window and some nice afternoon light.

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