Monday, March 22, 2010

Flower filters

While I like to think my photography has a bit of artistic quality to it, I don't typically go too far to the "artsy" side. A recent project lead me to dig into the special effects "filters" in Adobe Photoshop, so I thought I'd try some more.

For subject matter, I chose the flowers at McCrory Gardens in Brookings. The gardens are an extension of South Dakota State University's horticulture studies program and a great place for photography. Just off of Interstate 29 on 6th Street, you'll find parking for McCrory Gardens on 20th Avenue.

Wandering the grounds gives you many different colors, textures and patterns to work with.

For my Photoshop filter experiment, I chose different effects for each photo to learn what each one looks like and see how much like a painting I could make some. I'm not going to claim these are great art, or even the best someone could do with these same photos, but it was fun to play. By clicking on the photos to make them larger you'll get a better idea of the effects.

This one has a "cutout" filter applied.

This one is "paint daubs."

Here we have "diffuse glow."

"Dry brush" is my favorite of the filters I tried. Here's a heavy dose of it on the daisies and a more subtle use on the park bench.

"Palette knife" yields some interesting effects.

This shot got both "palette knife" and "splatter" applied with a light touch.

For more info on McCrory Gardens, check out their website here - McCrory Gardens.

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