Monday, April 12, 2010

More sure signs of spring

Another sign of spring just showed up outside my office window - the annual migration of Cedar Waxwings through central South Dakota.

I shot this though the window just a few minutes ago with my desk as a stable camera support. The birds are still flitting about in the tree as I write this.

Spring mating season is also in full swing for several species of animals. I found several tom turkeys strutting their stuff for the ladies near the Prairie Homestead just north of Badlands National Park last week. That's about a mile south of Interstate 90 at Exit 131.


Larry said...

Hey Chad, did you steal my picture of the cedar waxwing?

I told you I was going to get out with my camera on Sunday, so I walked through the Outdoor Campus here in Sioux Falls. Maybe it was the same cedar waxwing! LOL


Chad Coppess said...

Very nice! I think I like the colors in your shots better. Nice stuff of the buffalo as well.