Friday, April 23, 2010

Outdoor Campus flowers, Sioux Falls

While I'm at the spring flower thing, here are some more. I was in Sioux Falls the other day with about 45 minutes to kill. The Outdoor Campus filled the void very well.
I've written about the Outdoor Campus before - OUTDOOR CAMPUS. This wonderful park area in the heart of the city provides lots of opportunities for nature photography in an unexpected place.
While the butterfly garden and more showy big flowers will come later, right now the flowering trees are blooming with color in smaller bursts.

Some of the leaves were also really colorful in an unexpected hue for this time of year.

I've never used an honest-to-goodness macro lens until just recently and this was the first serious attempt with it. Inspired by my friend Tim Schoon's work, I attempted to go for some really, really shallow depth of field so only tiny parts of the flowers were in focus. I'm pretty happy with the results.

For more information on the Outdoor Campus, check their website. Also watch for news on the Outdoor Campus - West, opening in the next year in Rapid City.

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Katlyn said...

Wow, Chad! I love the second photo...and the photos where you were experimenting with your macro lens...I think the experiment went very well. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!