Saturday, April 10, 2010

Winter must be over, the pasques are out

South Dakota's state flower, the pasque, is one of the first to bloom on the prairie as winter fades away and spring begins. I found my first pasque flowers of 2010 today, so goodbye winter!

From what I've read about pasques, they grow only in untilled soil and usually on the north side of hills. From what I found this morning, that holds true. I didn't find many, in fact just these two, but I was happy with my search.

These were on the gravel Canning Road straight south of Blunt near the intersection with Dixon Road.


Larry said...

They are indeed a beautiful find! Tomorrow is my day to wander outside with my camera... hope I find more signs of spring!

Tim said...

Those look like tough little things to shoot.

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks guys. Yes, they aren't very big so you've got to be right down on the ground with them. A good workout for a macro lens.