Monday, May 17, 2010

Mount Rushmore goat photo explained

I've had a few questions lately about one of my more well-known photos. This picture of a mountain goat at Mount Rushmore National Memorial is on the cover of this year's South Dakota Vacation Guide and has appeared in many other publications, websites, etc.

People would like to know exactly where the picture was taken from, so here's the story - It may not appear so, but the photo was taken in the parking garage area of Mount Rushmore. As a matter of fact, it took quite awhile to get things lined up the way I wanted, including the goat with the sculptured faces behind, plus not have cars drive right through the image as they made their way between the two parking garages like this.

A telephoto lens made the goat and the Rushmore faces appear as if they were closer together than they really are. Here's an illustration of where I was and where the goat was.

I hope that clears up any mystery of exactly where the photo was taken.


Larry said...

I really like when a photographer tells us the "behind the scenes" story. Thanks so much!

Hey, are you sure there was no photoshopping involved, or the SD Dept. of Tourism hooking up with the SDGF&P Dept. to get this shot? LOL

And... it is an AWESOME shot!

Chad Coppess said...

Honest, no Photoshop, goat leashes, or artificially placed food involved! I was pretty happy to get all the pieces to work together for this one.

Shari Kosel said...

Thank you for explaining! Those of us that are "backyard" photographers enjoy learning from the pros!