Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks to 1880 Town Photo Walk attendees

Thanks very much to those who attended the first Dakotagraph Photo Walk at the 1880 Town yesterday. With photographers from Rapid City and Sioux Falls making the trip, I turned out to be the one who traveled the least distance.

Everyone seemed to be finding something fun to shoot, which was no surprise to me. We had cloudy skies at first and then bright sunshine, much better than the torrential downpour the night before.

Thanks also very much to Sallie Cuny and the 1880 Town staff for offering half-price admission and letting us wander to our hearts' content.

As far as my own shooting, I started with a tobacco graduated filter to tone down the stormy-looking skies and accentuate the Old West atmosphere. I quickly decided I didn't really like the effect, but thought about doing some limited color/sepia toning. Here are both techniques in one shot, which feels a little strange to me.

Things seemed to work better without the tobacco filter.

Many of the buildings at the 1880 Town are filled with antiques and artwork.

I love the ceiling of the 14-sided barn that serves as the entrance to the town.

I did find some shots that just had to be done in full color.

I've got a few more photos to share, so keep an eye out here for another batch. Also, don't miss my previous posts about the 1880 Town.

For more information on visiting the 1880 Town yourself, check

More Photo Walks will be held around South Dakota this summer. Watch and the Dakotagraph Facebook page for announcements about when and where.

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