Saturday, June 26, 2010

Smoke on the prairie

Ever since first seeing National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg's photo of a prairie smoke flower I've thought I'd like to see and shoot one of those. I finally got the chance recently when I learned about Brian's Garden near Whitewood, South Dakota, a new great place for wildflower photography.

I will give details on Brian's Garden and how to find it in my next post. For now here are my prairie smoke images. I only discovered a few of these dainty pink flowers in the area and despite a stiff wind was able to make some pictures I was happy with. Not quite up to Brandenburg standards, but I like them.

These were all shot with a Nikkor 60mm macro handheld and a Nikon SB flash on my D300s. They are all the same flower, just from different angles.


dvaughn said...

Great shots Chad. Nice story on "Brian's Garden", the Pavel's have done a great job with the garden.

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Dave. You're right about the nice place they've created.