Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thanks to Black Hills Photographic Society

Thank you very much to the Black Hills Photographic Society for inviting me to speak at the monthly meeting last night in Rapid City. Seems like a great group of people and a fun bunch to shoot and learn with.

After talking with the group I was inspired to go shoot, but it was way after dark. Thoughts turned to star trails so I made my way to Bear Butte State Park and made one 25-minute exposure facing directly north. I wasn't terribly happy with the results, but after a lot of tweaking in Photoshop, here's what we've got.

Way too much noise for me and some weird coloration in the sky, so I removed all color in Photoshop, messed around with removing noise and graininess from the sky and then added a blue cooling filter back over the image. Not sure, but I think the darker bands running straight horizontally across the frame are the effect of clouds moving through the shot and temporarily blocking the light from the stars for about half the exposure. I'm still not completely happy, but it will work until the next time I get out there and try it again.

Back to the Society - if you're interested in joining, check out the Black Hills Photographic Society website and search for Black Hills Photographic Society on Facebook. They are happy to see guests if you'd just like to check out a meeting or two before signing up.

Several members of the Society are planning at attend and/or volunteer as friendly photographic ambassadors the Black Hills Photo Shootout in September.

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BareFoot Finn said...

Thanks for coming and speaking! It was great to pick your brain!