Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A typical shoot for a Tourism photographer

Just had a thought that some people might find it interesting to see the variety of things I shoot in a summer weekend. So here are samples from one trip to Yankton and back to Pierre over the Memorial Day weekend.

Friday evening was spent at Lewis and Clark Lake and Gavins Point Dam looking for camping and fishing photos. I was happy with this one.

The South Dakota Kayak Challenge had me up bright and early to shoot the start of this race from Yankton's Riverside Park to Sioux City, Iowa.

From there it was on to Mitchell for their big Memorial Day celebration on Main Street. A car show, concert, golf tournament, motorcycle ride and more were included. I was most happy shooting the ping pong ball drop. It was very windy, so it wasn't hard to guess which way the balls were going to go.

Evening was spent at Wessington Springs' annual Foothills Rodeo, which provided some fun shots. I really like shooting rodeo, even though I've never been a real cowboy.

About halfway through the rodeo threatening clouds started to build in south and west, blocking the light in the arena. I decided to head for home, but didn't quite keep myself out of the storm. All was not lost as I shot this lightning strike while driving 65 mph with my left hand and holding the camera up to the window with my right hand. (No, I wasn't looking through the camera, just pointing it toward the storm while watching the road ahead.)

So there you have it - another successful photography trip in South Dakota.


Susan Paulsen said...

If I come to South Dakota, will I get as great of shots as you do? : )
Love the first pic of the cowboy!

Chad Coppess said...

Why of course! You can't take these kind of pictures just anywhere, but they are easy to do here. :)

Larry said...

What a life!

Beautiful shots from each location! And the lightning... whoa.

Tim said...

I love the lightning even if your horizon is a little crooked.

Pat Wellner said...

Do you have your pictures from the kayak challenge shared online anywhere? There are some pictures on my blog and two others as well.

Chad Coppess said...

Tim - I think shooting one-handed while driving is an acceptable excuse for a crooked horizon. What's yours? :) (Should have seen it before I straightened it somewhat.)

Pat - I'll post some more kayak shots tomorrow. I didn't shoot a big variety on my limited time schedule, so mostly from one angle.

Linda said...


I've been admiring your photos for a while, it's given me a fantastic window into the state I'll be calling home for four years (I'm a student coming all the way from Sweden!)

What are the best times to get shots like the first one with the yellow lighting? I adore pics like it and have been lucky enough to get one picture like it here in Sweden, but haven't seen to caught a time again with the same sort of lighting :)

Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures!
If I knew I had a way of getting around that soon after I've arrived in SD, I'd sign up to the BH Photo shoot out in a heart beat!


Chad Coppess said...

Hi Linda,
Glad to provide some inspiration. I think you'll like it here.

That golden color happens sometimes right at sunrise and sunset. It's not an every day occurence, but if it's going to happen it's going to be at those times. As with your shot and mine, having water to reflect it in helps a photo a lot.

Looks like you will be at BHSU, correct? The Shutterbuzz Student Photo Club there is very active and will be involved in the Shootout, so be sure to join the club!


Linda said...

Hi again,

Okay, thanks :) I guess I'll have to get better at either staying up or getting up early. :D

Yup, I'll be attending BHSU :) I had seen the photo club on the website, so planning on joining when I get over there. :D


Chad Coppess said...

Spearfish is one of the most beautiful towns in the state and the Black Hills are a great place to live. You'll like it, I promise!