Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time lapsing across East River

After talking with Dakotagraph readers Larry Davis and Keith Hemmelman about time lapse photography last Sunday, I just had to try it. So on a drive between Madison and Pierre, South Dakota I shot these.

I didn't have the time to check the web for cool tips on how to shoot, so just took a guess. These were done at 5 second intervals for 40-50 shots in each scene. I dropped them into Windows Movie Maker and ran them at .25 of a second for each shot. Certainly don't feel like I've perfected the technique, but it's fun with big puffy clouds like this.


Keith Hemmelman said...

Nice job Chad! This brings to mind all kinds of ideas for this! I like the wheat field and clouds the best. Surprised it's as smooth motion in the field as it is! I assume you used a cable release and manually took the photos? (How did your HDR's turn out?)


Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Keith. I like the wheat field the best, too. Hard to beat those clouds moving in two directions at once.

I did use a cable release and counted out five seconds for these. Of course, then my intern pointed out that my Nikon D300s has a built in timer. So I'll be doing that part the easy way next time.
HDRs are up next.

Larry said...

I also agree with both comments about liking the wheat field the best. The HDR's are also interesting. What program did you use for the HDRs?

Now, how about time lapse HDRs... ;>)

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Larry. The HDR was done in Photoshop CS4.

We talked about time lapse HDR at the office yesterday. I suppose it would be possible if you shot bursts of three bracketed frames every few seconds, but then you are going to have to do the HDR work for each frame of the time lapse. Possible? Yes. Motivating me to spend that much time trying it? No.