Monday, July 5, 2010

Ft. Pierre goes all out for Fourth

The Fourth of July has become a celebration in Fort Pierre, South Dakota like no other. The amount of gunpowder exploding on the ground and in the air over the Missouri River is just amazing.

It has also become somewhat of a tradition that I attempt to get a picture of the colorful spectacle that is a bit different than the last one I took. My previous photos included the South Dakota Capitol, teepees, and boats on the river.

This year I decided the railroad bridge connecting Pierre and Fort Pierre would make a good subject to silhouette.

As with my boats and fireworks photo from 2007, this is not the official Chamber of Commerce fireworks. This is simply private citizens celebrating in a very public way.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend.


Jodene Shaw said...

Oh, this is beautiful. I loved your photo in SD magazine of 4th, and with this one, I am tempted to change our tradition and come to Ft. Pierre!

Lynn said...

I always look forward to your 4th of July photo. Nice work.

Keith Hemmelman said...

Great photo Chad! Tony and I had tried to scout around previously and find a good spot to get the train bridge in the foreground with the rodeo fireworks above and couldn't find a spot and gave up, but it never occured to me to just shoot the fireworks from all the folks! This is really cool.

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks everyone. It's such a warzone in Fort Pierre that you don't need the bigger city-sponsored show to get great shots.