Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bighorns and burns in the Badlands

All inspired and fired up from the weekend's Black Hills Photo Shootout, I swung through Badlands National Park on the way home to Pierre. I found a herd of bighorn sheep lazily enjoying the sun near the Pinnacles overlook on the west end of the Badlands Loop drive.

On the eastern end of the park, controlled burns had blackened large areas of the grasslands in the lower elevations. Not expecting to see scorched landscape, I suddenly realized it was making me look at things differently than the last hundred times I had driven this same route. All of a sudden this view jumped out at me and I used a 400mm lens to compress the ridges together for a different look than I've ever shot there before.

All in all a very worthwhile detour on my way home.


Jodene Shaw said...

This is a unique view of a familiar scene! I love how the bighorns are in a pattern in the first photo! Cool stuff! I also like the views of the photographers at the Fly Fishing session. Thanks for your work putting on a wonderful event! I have blog material for the next month!

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Jodi. Those sheep laying on that zigzag ridge jumped out at me right away when I drove around a corner.

Thank you for coming to the Shootout, it was really great to see everyone having fun. Can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

Deborah said...

Great captures Chad!
I also didn't expect the burn out...really was different. I also found that herd in the Badlands
On my shoot out walk fun!

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Deb. Sometimes those unexpected things are the most inspiring.