Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Promoting to football fans again

South Dakota took it's message about how great the pheasant hunting here is to Minnesotans again last weekend. The South Dakota Office of Tourism sponsored the football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 17. Between giveaways to tailgaters, hunting trip sweepstakes, in-stadium advertising and a halftime contest, NFL fans in the Twin Cities shouldn't have missed the message.

Stretching before the game, Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff was fired up.

Blocking drills got the linemen prepared.

Legendary Vikings quarterback Brett Favre threw this pass to Greg Camarillo for a touchdown in the first half.

Vikings kick returner Percy Harvin got things rolling by returning the second-half kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown and celebration with the fans in the endzone.

Neither team looked like an offensive powerhouse on Sunday. Here Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo searches for a receiver.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's longest of the day was this 15-yard gain.

Halftime entertainment included a "Flush the Pheasant" game sponsored by South Dakota Tourism. The winner will be hunting pheasant near Aberdeen sometime this season. Following that, a local team of youngsters played football against a team of pro and college mascots. There's nothing like watching a kid get tackled by a yogurt jar and an eagle while being chased by a giant syringe.

For information on how you can join in the fun and possibly win a shotgun, hunting gear, and a trip to South Dakota, check out www.huntinsd.com.

Oh and by the way, the Vikings won the game 24-21.


Tim said...

Who uses a giant syringe as a mascot? Is the team called the Junkies or something like that?

Chad Coppess said...

I agree and it's still a weird costume, but I think it was from some medical center. And to be perfectly honest, I think the "yogurt container" was from the same place and might actually be a urine sample cup. Eeeeewwwwww.