Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birds galore

If you've had any doubt about my assertions that Oahe Downstream Recreation Area just below the Oahe Dam on the Missouri River north of Fort Pierre is a hotspot for finding eagles and other birds, this picture ought to prove something.

What you are seeing is six bald eagles of varying maturity and three golden eagles (one is pretty obscured in the lower center). There were also four more that I could see from this vantage point.

Total count of eagle sightings in one hour this morning was 41. As I've said before, I count sightings because it's very possible to see the same birds more than once in a couple mile stretch of river. They fly up and down the river and you may see them more than once in several different areas.

Other critters out and about this morning were a small flock of pheasants near the dam's powerhouse, a herd of deer, two coyotes and the usual thousands and thousands of geese and ducks.

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