Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My basic gear

I've had several questions lately about what camera gear I use, so I thought I'd open the bag and let you all see it.

This is my basic set that I use for most shoots -

2 Nikon D300s cameras with extra power pack/grip
Nikkor 12-24mm f4 lens
Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens
Nikkor 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 lens with Vibration Reduction
Nikkor 60mm Micro f2.8
2 Nikon SB800 flashes

This all fits into a Tamrac Expedition 7x backpack along with various accessories, filters, batteries, etc. And the cameras from time to time sit on top of a Manfrotto 3021 tripod with Markins ballhead.

There are other options for specific shoots, but this is what you'll see me using most often.

LATER THAT DAY - After I posted this, it was pointed out to me that it's not really about the equipment, it's about how you use it. I completely subscribe to this thought. I posted this because I have people asking me what's in the bag. If I had to tell you off the top of my head I have four lenses - the big one, the medium one, the small one and the closeup one. Exactly what the specifics are on each one isn't that important to me, just that they are handy when I need them.

I've never been a technically-minded photographer, so I don't keep track of my settings for each photo either. Before the cameras and computers kept track of everything for me I would have never been able to tell you what shutter speed or aperature I had used for a shot. Now of course, it's all there for me.

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