Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cold buffalo

Here are more of the results I was looking for when I went in search of buffalo in the snow. These were all taken from the main paved road through Wind Cave National Park.

Using my warm vehicle as a "photo blind" (temperatures yesterday hovered between -15 and +5F), I was able to shoot with an 80-400mm lens for buffalo portraits.

The critters were coming so close the vehicle (see previous post below) that I was able to switch to my 12-24mm lens and capture them in their environment.

Along those same lines but back to the telephoto lens, I attempted to show off the landscape of the park with the animals in it. I hope you can see the trails in the snow where this lone bull has wandered as he grazes.

Does anyone else out there talk to their non-human subject matter? When I first came across this scene the buffalo was facing the other direction. "Sure would be nice if you'd turn around Mr. Buffalo. Why thank you!"

These are quick edits done on my laptop, which I'm never confident in. I'll get to some serious editing on these photos sometime soon.


Jana said...

Looked like a beautiful, but cold, day in the park!

Larry said...

Wonderful series of winter buffalo shots!

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks, it was fun to be there even if it was chilly.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the photos are great! They do not look like they need additional work!