Monday, February 14, 2011

HDR in Spearfish Canyon

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography allows us to shoot pictures with very dark shadowed areas and brightly lit areas in the same photo. This used to be a very difficult situation for a camera's meter to handle. It still is, but using the HDR technique of processing the photo on the computer later, we can deal with these kinds of scenes more easily.

I'm still slowly learning my way around HDR, but I did recognize that the depths of Spearfish Canyon provided exactly the test of my skills. This isn't a great example and those will with more HDR experience will probably laugh at my attempt, but here it is. It's very easy to go way overboard on the processing in HDR and get this type of "hyper-real" effect. So I went the easy route. I'll keep working toward a more realistic use of the technique as I learn.

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