Sunday, February 20, 2011

My second South Dakota Magazine cover

I'm really happy with the response to my second cover for South Dakota Magazine. The March/April issue should be in mailboxes and newsstands any day now.

Thanks much to the staff at the magazine, lead by Publisher Bernie Hunhoff and Managing Editor Katie Hunhoff, who have always been great to me.

This photo of a large bison bull in Custer State Park was shot a few years ago when I was trying to capture a fight between bulls during the rutting season. That didn't happen, but this big guy did roll in the dust and then stand up and shake menacingly. I photographed safely from the back of a pickup truck.

Facebook readers have been leaving a lot of fun comments about my photo -!/southdakotamagazine. In fact, the comments have prompted me to contemplate offering a print of this at my CafePress store soon, but first I'll need to dig out from our latest snowstorm.


Unknown said...

I would welcome the opportunity to purchase a print from cafepress. Great pic, and regardless of your comments, it does not give the impression that the photographer was not directly in the path of this bull's anger!

Heidi said...

It's one of my favorite covers yet Chad! Way to go.

patty said...

Our magazine came today. Love the cover! Great shot!

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks ladies! In case you missed it above, the print is now available at