Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowmobiling in Spearfish Canyon

If you're willing to get out on motorized vehicle in winter weather, you can find some fun photography opportunities in adventure sports. I spent a couple days last week shooting snowmobiling in Spearfish Canyon in the northern Black Hills.

Several places in the area rent snowmobiles and the equipment you'll need to tackle the snowy terrain. For a big part of last week's shoot we used snowmobiles from Spearfish Canyon Lodge. The staff there was very friendly and made sure everyone in our party knew how to safely operate the vehicles before we took off on the trails.

With the help of some cooperative friends, I was able to capture both the fun and excitement of the sport and the beauty of the landscape we were riding through.

As with any scene that includes a lot of white area, you may need to manually adjust the camera's exposure because it's going to think you have too much light and want to make the photo darker. In the case of the two photos above with the large areas of dark trees you may have the opposite problem and need to tell the camera to make the picture darker. In other words, winter exposures can take a little thinking and trial and error to get just right.

I've written previously about snowmobiling and other winter sports at this post.

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