Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photoshop World second day

It's actually the first official day of Photoshop World, but my second day here. After a very entertaining opening keynote based on the conference theme of "Project Photoshop" with high fashion models and fake reality TV show, the education got underway.

I attended workshop sessions on customizing Photoshop, shooting photos specifically for use in Photoshop later, and the top features of Photoshop. Along with those, a large trade show/expo offers all sorts of new products to check out, fondle, and possibly buy.

Very popular are the trade show booths with lighting demonstrations where fashion models and studio setups are available for photographers to try out.

It's kind of hard to take credit for taking this photo when everything was set up ahead of time. All I did was walk up and shoot.

Furthering the fashion theme are designer gowns featuring Photoshop tools and techniques such as "layers," the "type tool," and the "paint bucket." Pretty interesting work done by design students here in Orlando.

Live demonstrations of many products and software are also enhancing the learning aspect of the event.

My unscientific observations are that about half of the 3-4,000 attendees are photographers and the other half designers. A good portion of the photographers are portrait and wedding shooters, so it's an interesting mix of people for me.

For more coverage of Photoshop World, check out founder Scott Kelby's blog and the official Flickr photostream.

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