Friday, April 1, 2011

Photoshop World final day

Photoshop World 2011 came to a close today with another round of great workshop sessions and a fun closing ceremony.

For me it was a chance to meet Moose Peterson and talk about the similarities in what he does to what I do. Hoping that sometime in the future Moose might be a part of the Black Hills Photo Shootout. Also got to renew acquaintances with Photoshop guru Ben Willmore, who said he'd been reading Dakotagraph and knew I was going to be there. Ben also included some Badlands National Park photos in his presentation, so I gave a little silent cheer for South Dakota being represented.

So here are my honest impressions of Photoshop World -

1. The staff of Photoshop World and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals are very friendly and genuinely interested in helping you learn.

2. I learned a lot, even from the few sessions that were completely over my head. It was also interesting to hear differing perspectives on the same topics from different instructors.

3. The conference is as much for graphic designers as it is photographers. Great information and techniques were demonstrated for both.

4. Portrait and wedding photographers would really get a lot out of the event, especially from the vendors at the expo.

5. By Day 3 I was beginning to reach an information saturation point, even though the whole conference wasn't as overwhelming as I feared. Just glad it wasn't any longer. I need some time to practice, go over the notes and see how much sunk in.

6. Even though I tend to keep to myself at these type of things, I still talked with people from Nebraska, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, Alaska, lots from Florida and two from Toronto.

7. I still have no idea what Jeff Schewe was talking about when he said something like, "The point spread computationally effects the algorithm parameters." It was about sharpening an image in Photoshop I think.

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