Friday, May 13, 2011

More fun with Bear Butte

Two people are to blame/credit for this little experiment - one Facebook fan Betty Fyler who asked for "before and after" versions of the Bear Butte photo in my last post, and my wife Lisa who this morning accused me of creating images that are more like paintings than photographs. So here's what it lead to -

This is the scene at Bear Butte with these great clouds that made me stop to take a picture and basically untouched from the camera. Unfortunately, not very interesting light on the foreground or the Butte itself.

I shot variations of exposures, intending to use HDR techniques to hopefully balance the exposure into something a bit more fun. My original version is in the "Spring Skies" post below.

However, Lisa's comment about paintings made me wonder what I could really do with the panoramic version of the scene I had shot. So this is a five-shot panoramic stitched together, but also with three different exposures and run through Photoshop CS5's HDR Pro feature. The colors were doing nothing for me, so I completely removed them and began adding hues back in with the Selective Color tool. Took me a while, but I settled on this.

I'm sure some of my photo-purist friends will hate it, but that's not what the exercise was about. I was seeing what I could do with a little imagination and playing in Photoshop.

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