Sunday, June 19, 2011

River City Racin' features big crash

A huge crash between two hydroplane power boats highlighted the second day of the 2011 River City Racin' Pepsi Power Cup Challenge in Chamberlain today. I just happened to be on a rescue boat in the middle of the race course when the collision occurred and was lucky enough to be close and ready to capture the action.

Here are the two boats involved about a lap before the incident. The red and yellow S83 "Mega Bucks" boat is driven by Dutch Squires of Lakewood, Colorado and the yellow S1 "Liquid Lizard" is driven by Jeff Bernard of Bear River, Wyoming.

I'm no expert on these things but as best I could tell, the two boats went into a turn side by side when Dutch's boat hooked a wave and turned left much sharper than anticipated. The contact between the boats was severe as you can see here.

Both boats ended up in tattered pieces and upside down in the water, but both drivers were able to extricate themselves and as the rescue crews arrived were alert and talking. I'm not saying they don't have concussions or other injuries, but basically they were doing amazingly well shortly after the crash.

Here is the wreckage of Jeff's boat being brought back to the pits.

The event also included some great racing, an appearance by Governor Dennis Daugaard and great weather. I'll have more to post soon.

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