Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mount Rushmore in HDR

I'll tell you what, when you get the right subject matter and just the right light this whole HDR thing really works. I'm still going to have to touch up some edges to make this shot be ready for print, but I'm enjoying the texture and feel of the image.

The combination of three different exposures and some extra work in Photoshop HDR Pro created something here that I never would have been able to get with just one single image. Today's skies were very overcast most of the day. This was during a short time span when the clouds broke apart just enough to allow that blue to show through.

You could very easily go with the vintage postcard feel that I illustrated in an earlier post and I think I'll have to try a version like that of this image soon.

1 comment:

Jodene Shaw said...

Looks like a painting, Chad! Love the rich color and, yes, the vintage postcard feel too.