Thursday, August 11, 2011

More capitol sunset

I realize there are those out there who think using Photoshop or other computer software to enhance photos is some sort of sinister crime. There can be inappropriate uses of these tools, but I like to think of them as just that - tools.

I've never heard anyone complain about my choice of a wide-angle or telephoto lens to manipulate the view I saw in a certain scene. I've never heard cries of malpractice for using a long time exposure to capture streaming car lights or bursting fireworks. So I think digital enhancement of photography is another tool the photographer can use to create artistic views. Some software techniques are versions of photographic manipulations that have been made in darkrooms for decades.

If you'll compare these two photos with the time-lapse photos in my previous post taken at the same time and place you'll see that application of Photoshop made these images really "pop." Although there was some color in the sunset last night, it wasn't this saturated. However, if I hadn't told you I pumped it up in Photoshop, would you know?

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