Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playing/experimenting with flowers

A stop in the colorful spot that is McCrory Gardens in Brookings not only prompted me to bring out the under-utilized 60mm macro lens in my bag, but then to experiment in areas of Photoshop I rarely venture into.

So first I focused on the center of this huge flower and added a little off-camera flash to really make it stand out.

When I found the purple coneflowers, the deeply-hidden painter part of me took over. Not only did I use some really shallow depth of field to isolate an individual flower, but when I got them in the computer I dug around in the "artistic" filter section of Photoshop. I selected everything but the flower I wanted to isolate and applied a "dry brush" filter to the background.

Okay that sort of worked, how about we try "posterize" on everything but the center cone on this one.

It's kind of fun to break out of the routine every so often. There are photographers out there that can shoot circles around my flower stuff, but that's okay. I have a good time with it every once in a while.

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