Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shoot Photos Here

Sometimes you just have to obey the signs and other times you just have to rebel. As Scott Howard and I were checking out the recent refurbishment of the World's Largest Pheasant in Huron today I noticed that there was a sign directing me to "Shoot Photos Here."

I did obediently shoot some photos there, but actually liked this angle better for showing the setting and size of the 22-ton behemoth.

I do have to say though that whoever put up the sign was being helpful. The wooden platform does raise you up enough to get a good shot of the big pheasant without the building blocking some of your view. The second wooden platform is also for your friends or family to pose on with the giant bird.

And speaking of signs, here's another from the site with everything you ever wanted to know about the World's Largest Pheasant.

The restoration project has freshened up the rooster with brighter colors and I'm going to say he's never looked better. It's just another example of South Dakota's great nostalgic roadside attractions that I love.

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