Monday, September 19, 2011

Autumn is in the air

Fall in eastern South Dakota means pheasant hunting to a lot of people. Even though I'm sure we will still get some hot days, you can feel autumn beginning now and it seems the pheasants know it as well.

On a drive between Aberdeen and Pierre last weekend, the pheasants were out in full force, picking gravel along the roadsides, flying down fencelines and gathering on haybales. Keeping an eye out for potential collision hazards and photo subjects keeps a driver busy.

This flock had staked out a convenient bale in the early morning fog near Miller.


Jane Heitman Healy said...

Chad, that is a phenomenal photo! On my drive to Pierre last Monday, I saw many hen pheasants with a death wish--they were running straight down the middle of the road! Thanks for this beautiful image.

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Jane. I know what you mean, some of them just make you wonder how they survive at all.